An Enterprise Guide for Value Creation Through Chatbot Technology

How to choose the right solution provider and how to make sure people will actually use your chatbot?

Choosing the right technology

The chatbot world is currently going through a steep growth in
maturity. With a broad spectrum of companies and solutions to choose
from, we aim to be your guide in the dark.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI platforms(1)
shows a wide variety of solution providers, of which most of them are
focusing on chatbots.

In general, these technology solutions can be broadly
divided into 3 groups focusing on:

  • natural language understanding (NLU)

  • business automation

  • user experience.

Most of them, however, do offer a combination of all 3 aspects and
typically include an NLU system, content designer, visual flow builder,
automated analytics, front-end/back-end integrations, etc.

Rise of the small players

In this overview we see that some of the relatively smaller companies
(e.g., Cognigy, Amelia) are on par with or even outpacing the
bigger ones like Google, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft. With Microsoft
not even making the quadrant. In fact, with Power Virtual Agents, Bot
Framework and Azure Bot Service, they did not meet the requirement
of having a singular stand-alone platform. scores best in the leaders quadrant and has, according to us,
deserved its spot in the upper right part of this quadrant.

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